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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Day of The FISH@!

Part 1 of the "Legends of After-Earth"

It so treacherously promised to become a day like any day, people shouting and cursing, sirens and the smell of fire all over town. I woke up with a hammering headache … stupid me, too much AltzheimerSelzer last night … again …! How old should I become to stop drinking this magical stuff? Half awake, half dead, I stumble upon my dog lying in the corner of the kitchen; the poor fellow died of hunger it seems, (sorry old Rambo!). I open my window and throw out my faithful anti-burglar system … hopefully some poor fellow will find him and cook himself and his family a feast meal.
I very carefully try to open some innocent looking cans, bad luck, they all explode in my face … &(*&, … why did I get rid of Doggie? I wipe the blood of my face, swallow some left-over Disasperines, hit myself on the head with a rusted steel pan, cut off my left arm, clean it carefully and bake myself a Dalton-Arm Sis kebab with garlic and tomatoes (I think).Feeling strong again, I dress up, close my front door and go out … almost directly getting decapitated by what? What are these smelling stinkers, floating around in my beloved city?

I quickly go home again to get myself my Terminator Fishing Reel … and SwartzenEgger Harpoon Set …

Joey, one-armed and struggling for his Life with Alien Fish(?)

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