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Monday, May 25, 2009

Bad Day Bad Night

Part 2 of the "Legends of After-Earth"

Bad things never come solo. The absence of my left arm made it impossible for me to do any severe damage to these flying fishes. I think that I accidentally harpooned at least three neighbors (maybe more … one guy even waved to me when he swallowed one of my stainless steel arrows …). That was the moment that I decided to follow another strategy.

The Wallmarket Blood&Flesh&Teeth Bank gave me just enough credits to buy myself one of these fancy nano-cyber-limbs at the BodyShop (including a free installation to my body and a 10% discount ticket for future visits). To be honest, it was a real bargain … who cares that I now have two right hands … they make me extra dangerous and I can … never mind! The new arm still aches but I quickly got used to it.

An underground cab drove me to my secret suburb shelter, I whispered the magical spell to unlock the stone door, unleashed Honey and satisfied its thirst with sixteen gallons of Green Bio Fuel. One last cigarette, very carefully. I polished my famous sword, Ex-Caliber-11, set flame to Honey, and … up we went … downtown … going fishing!


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